08 Mar 2024

The dashboard gives you a clear view and status of your uploaded documents. It shows you the Blockchain Status (signed or unsigned status of the document), Document Name, Created By, Date Created, Sign Status(whether your document is signed or still pending), Manage Access, and Action. Every chnage in your document, whether it is signed or not can be seen on the Dashboard.

Blockchain Status shows you the real-time status of all the documents you have uploaded on your VeriDoc Sign account. You can clearly see whether the documents you have uploaded have been completely signed or partially, or yet to get signed by others. Once your document is fully signed, it will be verified and stored in the blockchain automatically. Not only that, your VeriDoc Sign’s account Dashboard will also give you crucial information about each of your uploaded documents like Document Name, Created By, Date Created, Sign Status. The Dashboard of your VeriDoc Sign account make the entire signing/sending documents process so much easier. You do not have to wait for anyone, no matter where they are. You can just send the document over via mail, get both the approval and signature electronically and implement the strategy faster.