How to add Initials in the Document VeriDoc Sign

11 Mar 2024

Some documents require the signee's initials. Now you can dedicate a place for initials on your uploaded document for the signee. Go to Standadrd Fields, click on Initials and drag it on the right place on the document. 

Many Governmental and non-governmental documents needs the signers to add details like date of signing, location of signing, and also their initials due to various crucial reasons. VeriDoc Sign ensures that whatever details you need added on the uploaded document can be done easily. So, VeriDoc Sign has designed a very customisable user interface. You, as the admin, now add details on your uploaded document like name, place of signing, location of signing, organisational details (like name and designation), and your name initials, which might be an absolute necessary in certain cases. Wherever you want your signers to add details like their name and initials, you can specify that exactly. We all are looking for more productive and imaginative alternatives to complicated paperwork processes. And eSignatures are the ones for you here. You can complete the any documentation procedure within a few hours get going with your next task. Yes, it is that easy. Technology helps you automate a process, be more productive and stand out from the crowd. So, get innovative, secure, and productive with cost-efficient e-signatures like VeriDoc Sign. Get in touch with us today.