How to add Name in the Document

11 Mar 2024

If your document has no field for signee name, you can now ask them to add name by assigning an exact spot for it on the uploaded document. You can also customize the font style and size as required. 

Most important documents nowadays requires the name of the signer. From crucial government documents to general paperwork, adding the signee name is a very basic requirement. So, VeriDoc Sign has introduced the feature where you can easily add a space either on the upper-side or lower-side of the signature position where signers can add their name. Once you have decided the exact position where the signers need to add their names, you can drag and place the Name font on the same place. This ensures that all the allocated signers can see the exact position where they need to add their names once they receive the document for signing. This feature reduces confusion between the document admin and the signers. Organisations worldwide welcome new technologies that make their work easier, faster, and more productive. Electronic signature solutions are one such technology that makes any workplace advanced and efficient. VeriDoc Sign esign solution is designed to be used in many sectors and by people looking for smarter, faster, and more productive ways to sign and manage documents.