How to add Position in the Document

11 Mar 2024

If you want your signee to add their position on the signing document, now you can assign an exact place for that on the uploaded document. Go to the Standard Fields column, now select Position and drag it on the document to the exact place. 

VeriDoc Sign has designed the interface according to your needs. On any uploaded document, you can specify signature position, company name, signer’s designation, and placement of name, date, and other details as per the exact requirement of the documents. Now, whenever you send the document to other signers to get it signed, they can see exactly where they need to sign, put the date, and add other necessary details like organisation name, and their designation in the organisation. This feature allows you to stay hassle-free, and your signers to be clear about the requirements. A legally binding electronic signature solution like VeriDoc Sign, can save you from wasting time unnecessarily and make you more productive. An electronic signature helps not only the employer but also the employee. Any large, medium, or small businesses can reduce the turnaround time for the documents and make all documentation processes smoother and more efficient. Also, it can help admins manage the documents more efficiently when it needs more than one signature.