How to add signature

11 Mar 2024

You can mark the exact area for the signee when he/she proceeds to sign the uploaded document. Just click on the Signature and place the 'Sign Here' at your desired spot on the document. Certain documents need to be signed perfectly to get approved by higher authorities.

Important documents like legal agreements, identity papers, housing agreements, and Government papers are very particular about where you need to sign them, add your name, add the date of signing, and other such crucial details. So, when you upload such important documents on your VeriDoc Sign account to get them signed by others, you need to mention the exact position they need to sign and add the required details. VeriDoc Sign is designed to make these steps so much easier for you. Once you have uploaded the document, you can add the exact position where you want others to sign. After forwarding the document to the other signers, they can see exactly where they need to sign and what other details they need to add without any confusion. The recent pandemic has made the world your marketplace, and you cannot afford to be left behind. But, do not forget to get the best electronic signature software because your productivity would depend on that. Find that one that fits your organization, and then automate the process. It is time to scale fast and function better. VeriDoc Sign is the best option for your organisation, thanks to its user-friendly interface, easy document uploading and sending, blockchain security, and document transparency.