How to use Zooming In feature

11 Mar 2024

Some documents have really minute texts that can be hard to read. VeriDoc Sign has the feature of zooming in, where you can increase the size of the document according to your need and clearly read important texts. Important documents need a lot of scrutiny. VeriDoc Sign’s features allow you to never miss any information ever. 

No matter, how small the texts are, you are always going to stay updated on it. Just go to your uploaded document, and select the Zoom In feature and you can maximize the font size of all the written texts in one go. This makes going through vital information on your uploaded documents so much easier and fuss-free. VeriDoc Sign eSignature solution is the ultimate platform for you to manage all your hectic paperwork in one go. VeriDoc Sign has introduced an efficient and cost-effective esign solution that will make the life of professionals easier and more productive. Esignature solution ensures better time management, convenience, blockchain security, accessibility to any document whenever required, improved productivity, better teamwork, reduced human-errors, and so much more. For modern workplaces, you need to adopt modern solutions. VeriDoc Sign eSignature solution ensures that you have the best of documentation experience in no time at all. Enjoy all our features and benefits without any extra cost. Try our 10-day free trial today.