How to use Zooming Out feature

11 Mar 2024

For some documents, we might want to look at the entire document in a smaller proportion to understand where to place the Sign Here and other instructions. You can do that easily on VeriDoc Sign while uploading the document. 

Zooming Out feature by VeriDoc Sign is one of the best feature designed by us. Some documents needs to be read all at once, for that you need to Zoom Out and see the entire document right in front of your eyes. Certain Government contracts/agreements, company agreements, and sales invoices need to be viewed like this. This can easily be achieved by using the Zooming Out feature of VeriDoc Sign. Electronic signatures are a lifesaver in today’s stressful workflow. In an organisation, everyone has their individual target, group target, and also the overall target of the company. With no time to waste anymore, esignature solutions like VeriDoc Sign can hike your productivity and lower the time taken like never before. Using electronic signatures is getting more and more popular these days. If you look for it, you will come across hundreds of service providers competing against each other to stand out as the better electronic signature software. You can quickly check their features, ensure the security and then go for it. Choose the method that you want to use during execution. Once you sign, you will get a digital certificate that ensures that you have completed the procedure. VeriDoc Sign is a no-fuss, easy, more productive, and efficient way to send and sign all documents.