Manage Access Feature

11 Mar 2024

Now you can easily manage each signer and viewer, change the document to Private or Public, Add New Viewer, and make changes to the Current Viewers List under Manage Access. 

The Manage Access section on your VeriDoc Sign account’s Dashboard is one of the most helpful feature. Here you can change signers and viewers, give viewers signing access, appoint new admins, change Public documents to Private, change Private documents to Public, and so much more. VeriDoc Sign and pay for it to complete and monitor the documentation process. It is more cost-effective, more efficient, and practical. Electronic signatures, often known as eSignatures, are gradually replacing traditional ink signatures. They not only save money and effort, but they also produce less wastage and are more transparent and secure. Documentation is involved in the launching a business, signing legal agreements, for conducting document verification for your employees, for hiring purposes, etc. As a result, eSignatures appear to be everywhere. Electronic signatures can be used in any corporate, government, or legal setting. Using eSignature in regular work activities has made employees more productive. New methods of signing like eSigning using VeriDoc Sign eSignature solution, are faster and simpler to use. All the attractive features and benefits are making eSignature the option that individuals and organisations are choosing nowadays.