Public or Private

08 Mar 2024

Now you can choose the privacy of your document on VeriDoc Sign. To manage privacy, go to Create Envelope, and select whether your document is Private or Public on the Is this document Public or Private? Once selected, your document will either be public or private.

One of the most essential features of VeriDoc Sign is the ability to make your documents public or private. A public document means that anyone can scan the QR code to verify the authenticity of a document. A private document means that the envelope creator can manage access to the document with a list of viewers (by default all signers have viewer access). Scanning the QR code of a private document requires users to enter their email address and a 6-digit OTP to access the results page. VeriDoc Sign uses unique electronic identities, encryption and the blockchain to provide a more trusted and secure way of sending and signing documents. Our QR codes automate and simplify the verification process which enhances the user experience and also help to eliminate document and signature fraud. You can verify a signature using VeriDoc Sign without worrying about it being photo shopped. VeriDoc Sign is a blockchain-secured electronic signature solution that uses VeriDoc Global's patented verification technology. Thus, the transactions are secured, document transparency is intact, and you need not worry about authenticity anymore. So, why wait? You can start your 10-day free trial now.