Remove Viewers

08 Mar 2024

To remove any unrequired Signers or Viewers, go to the Create New Envelope page, scroll down to the Add Signers & Viewers section. You'll see a delete icon under Action on the right of each Signer/Viewer. Click on it to remove your selected Signer/ Viewer.

At times, the documentation process for certain uploaded documents might be over and you no longer need the added signers and viewers crowding your VeriDoc Sign eSignature account. What then? VeriDoc Sign has introduced a section where you can easily remove unwanted signers and viewers when their designated work is over. Just following a few simple steps, these signers and viewers will no longer be a part of your VeriDoc Sign account. In future, you can simply add them again in time of need. This ensures that your VeriDoc account is secure at all times and you can no longer be puzzled by the number of added users. Global digitization across various sectors has become unstoppable. Thus, encouraging the use of paper documents is irresponsible, inefficient, and outdated. The upcoming few years are going to be significant, electronic signature solutions are expected to get more popular than ever before. Esignature solutions offer benefits like quick paperwork completion, digital storage of important documents, protected accessibility, and document transparency. Investing in a good esign solution, like VeriDoc Sign, can be an incredible investment for you, which will ensure improved productivity and increased efficiency.