Sign Out

11 Mar 2024

Whenever you are done using VeriDoc Sign, always logout by going to the right-hand side corner of the main page, and clicking on your profile. You can see a list popping down, which will give you the logout option at the very end. 

Logging out from VeriDoc Sign account is one of the most important step once you have finished using it. This ensures that all your documents are secured at all times, and nobody can access to them without your knowledge. In this digital era, every business has established its identity online. There is no doubt about that. Businesses are more inclined towards solutions that add to resourcefulness, cut costs, and improve productivity. Electronic signature solutions help thousands of businesses to create a better signing experience, automate their documentation processes, and eliminate long hours of work. Not just that but ensures increased productivity, document transparency, and better efficiency, every time. Electronic signature solutions like VeriDoc Sign assures streamlined and smoother regular workflow, reduced storage concerns (no more bundles of paperwork), reduced manual labour, decreased paper waste, faster output, increased productivity, document transparency, better time management, and best blockchain security. Today, combining the ease of use for most electronic signature solutions with their current legal status makes electronic document signing the safest bet for everyone.