Upload Document

08 Mar 2024

To upload a new document in you account, go to Create New Envelopes, and select the type of document, Public or Private, and upload your desired document. Once uploaded, you can assign signers and viewers for your new document.

The major difference between Public and Private document is that a public document means that anyone can scan the QR code to verify the authenticity of a document and a private document means that the envelope creator can manage access to the document with a list of viewers (by default all signers have viewer access). Now, as per your current requirement, you can upload any document on your VeriDoc Sign account to make it sign-ready by filling in all the needed information (for signers) and send them via email to their designated signers or viewers. With so much paperwork and signatures needed for each document, the time required to fussy paperwork is huge. To smoothen this process, VeriDoc Sign has made the whole eSigning process smooth and easy. They are legally accepted globally and multiple users can use the same account thus making the entire process easier, faster, and efficient. Not just that, the introduction of electronic signatures has increased the efficiency of regular work activities at modern workplaces. It allows employees to adopt an electronic system that eliminates any paper-based activities and document storage issues.